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XSLT, Widgets and MailTo Links Oh MY!

(Ok, so this’ll be short but it’s something that I had a mental hangup on the other day.  After I finally figured it out I thought – I should blog that…) I’ve never really used XSLT as much as I should have been favoring instead to consume XML data using flash, however recently I’ve moved [...]

Web Service Authentication – Kerberos Style

Ok, so this is not the blog post that talks about every possible way to athenticate to a .Net webservice – however – it is the blog post that tells you how to flow the current user’s credentials into your webservice. The scenario where you might need to do this is relatively specific, here’s the [...]

Web App within a Web App – Build an Onion!

Sometimes you don’t always have total control of the web site or web application project you’re working with and you have a need to insert or extend the existing project.  Or perhaps you’ve inherited a project that was coded so horribly wrong you can’t easily make a needed update without first expending time you don’t [...]