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How Adobe can get Flash onto the iPhone and beat Apple at its own game

So everyone is aware of the “fued” between Apple and Adobe regarding Flash’s absence on the iPhone and now iPad. Currently as it stands the only way to get Flash applications to run on the iPhone you have to use Adobe Flash Professional CS5( still in beta as of this post) and export the file as a native app, and then follow Apple’s normal app store submission guidelines. But I have a plan to get Flash onto the iPhone without having to convert existing apps…

Create an iPhone browser app based off of Webkit that natively plays Flash content. I did some research, and there are currently several browser apps available, for example iCab Mobile. Obviously they would have to handle flash content natively rather than really on a 3rd party plugin.  They would have to come out with a solid product with features to differentiate itself sufficiently from Mobile Safari but I think it would also get some good press for Adobe if they do it right AND can make Apple look like the fool! What do you think?

P.S. Let me say something about battery life. I have a 3rd gen iPod Touch 32GB. My wife can surf the internet for hours on that thing but 15-20 minutes of playing Finger Physics brings up the dreaded 20% battery life warning. So why is it I can consume large amounts of battery in such of short amount of time with an iPhone app, but Steve Jobs won’t allow me to waste the same amount of battery life playing Flash content online?

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